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How to install the bucket elevator

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1 chain and hopper installed after the appropriate tension.
2 after installation, the installation of chain and hopper. U type screw used for hopper link is both a chain joint and a fixed part of the hopper. U type screw nut must tighten and reliable anti loosing.

3 bucket elevator must be firmly installed in the solid concrete foundation. Concrete foundation surface should be smooth, and a horizontal state, to ensure that the bucket elevator installation to meet the requirements of the vertical. The higher the height of bucket elevator in the proper position of the casing and the upper casing and the adjacent buildings (such as workshop storehouse, etc.) together to increase its stability. Install lower component installation, fixed anchor bolts, and then install the central case, after an upper casing. A successful installation, verticality correction. In the whole high up and down with the lead straight line measurement, the error should be less than 10mm. The upper and lower axes should be parallel, and the axial line should be in the same plane.

4 test run, after the completion of the installation shall be performed for test run. Air should be noted: cannot turn not to bump phenomenon. Air transfer is not less than 2 hours, should not be overheating, bearing temperature rise does not exceed 250C, the speed reducer is not more than 300C. 2 hours after the air transfer, all the normal load test can be carried out. Load test of feeding should be uniform, to prevent clogging caused by excessive feeding, lower "stuffy car".

5 add proper amount of oil and grease to the speed reducer and the bearing seat. Industrial gear oil lubrication for speed reducer. Bearing seat with calcium or butter can be sonar.

If all the above requirements and achieve human satisfaction, it should be all the bolts, clear all the internal material hoist system, and to the filling of the lubricating oil system, and then a two hour test run.

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