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Assembly platform of Bucket elevator head

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 Assembly platform of Bucket elevator head

Head platform of bucket elevator  dvided into Overall internet site welding railings and hangers, split internet. Since relatively large area of split platform, in order to transport convenience and safety in the design is the design component of the form. All transport platform components to the production installation site before welding installation.

Head platform installation also includes a support portion supporting portion welding, split platform is also in the field of welding. Step welding were: welding platform, welding support welding fence and hanger. Welding head hoist platform in accordance with design drawings can be, no other special requirements.

Body casing installation sequence bucket elevator is installed in the rear hoist horizontal base made, based on the end of the housing to be perpendicular to the base surface, vertical, two horizontal and vertical error can be greater than 1 mm. Indeed, after the rear surface perpendicular to the mounting base, and tighten the bolt. Part hoist fixture is embedded iron, welding by welding good on it.

Rear installation is completed, make sure there are no errors error Thereafter, the first section of casing installation. Before you install the first section of the enclosure placed first asbestos pad, and then lifting the first section of the enclosure were looking positive. Alignment mainly in the outer wall of the enclosure as a reference direction offset upper and lower casing housing can not be more than 2 mm. Housing confirmation, tighten the nut fastening.

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