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Maintenance and troubleshooting of Coal Bucket Elevator

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Maintenance and troubleshooting of Coal Bucket Elevator
Coal separating plant conventional bucket elevators are Dehydration bucket elevator and sludge pit bucket elevator.
1.operational requirements:
(1)conduct an overall check before driving, including the drive chain tension case and bucket chain equipment all parts no loose, voltage is normal, the lubrication system is good.
(2)There are should have forecast signal and security measures when start.
(3)Check driving equipment noise, vibration, bucket chain and each segment whether mutual collision.
(4)In operation, should regularly view if there are abnormal noise of Electric motor and reducer and the operational state of thebucket chain. When the connection pin bucket chain plate damage or loss should immediately stop processing; when the board found that the bucket chain and bucket chain elongated pin wear when leaving, shall promptly adjust the tensioning device.
(5)When maintenance and cleaning tail material, should motor is switched off at the mains and hang "DO NOT TURN, some work" signs, while at the local switch suspension "prohibit operation, someone is working" signs.
(6)Operation not open the door to check the tail segment.
(7)Prohibited  maintenance adjustments of the bucket elevator in operation 

2. maintenance requirements
(1) weekly lubrication bucket elevator drive chain and each bearing transmission parts; each class inspection equipment fixing of the connecting plate, pin and hoppers;
(2) weekly classes are scheduled to remove accumulated material and debris in the tail sections, to prevent crushing the hopper;
(3) the degree of tightening periodically adjusting tension transmission chain, and the two drive chain tension degree of consistency;
(4) removal of loose or fall off in the middle groove cast stone;
(5) When the bucket chain is too loose causing the hopper bottom scraping or chain bypass when the first round both sides of the pitch inconsistent, should be adjusted from time to time by the tensioning device;
(6) the timely replacement of badly worn bucket chain, in order to avoid bucket elevator bucket two chains of varying lengths, you must also replace two bucket-chain plate;
(7) once every three months to replace the rolling bearing;
(8) Replace tensioning screw can not rotate;
(9) and the roller gear lubrication No. 1 or No. 2 Rolling calcium sodium based grease, replaced once every three months;
(10) gear lubricants are generally replaced every six months, if the use of that gearbox temperature exceeds 60 ℃ or oil temperature exceeds 85 ℃, it must replace the oil.

3.Common malfunctions and handle 

Symptom Possible Causes Approach
Safety pin is cut off on the driven sprocket Wear safety pin, safety pin specification inappropriate Replacement of the safety pin, when the safety pin is cut off frequently, as appropriate, can increase the safety pin
Hopper and chain plate severely deformed Mainly the material or wear thin Bulk materials and debris to clean up the tail segments within the chain plate and replace the hopper
Transmission chain off the chain tensioner sprocket not pressed the drive chain Adjusting  sprocke’s tension
  Lord, from the drive sprocket, tensioner sprocket not in the same plane Measurement adjustment
Double or three rows of chain drive chain wear Long-term wear or material non-compliance Replace the chain
Bucket chain slipping quit bypass the first round Chain length inappropriate Adjust the tightness of the chain

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