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Selection techniques of Belt conveyor

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Selection techniques of Belt conveyor
Belt conveyors are working according to the principles of friction, it is mainly used for continuous transport of materials. In all sectors of the production process, the conveyor belt plays a role in the transition of the past and is also an important production line auxiliary equipment. Therefore, how to choose the right belt conveyors are also vital.

First, make clear the conveyor belt for the industry, the conveyor belt material, the bandwidth of the technical parameters and other factors. The rubber band is suitable for work environments except -15 ~ 40 ℃, material temperature does not exceed 50 ℃; plastic belt with oil, acids, alkalis, etc., but climate adaptability poor, slippery and aging. Conveyor can be widely used in modern mining, metallurgical, chemical and other industrial enterprises, large conveying capacity, simple structure, is also very convenient.

Secondly, we must choose the right belt conveyor belt speed. Long horizontal conveyor, should be selected with a high speed; the greater the inclination of the conveyor, the shorter transport distance, you should lower the belt speed. For example, transmission capacity, wide conveyor belt, should be selected with a high speed; easy to scroll, large size, strong abrasive. Or easy to dust and environmental health conditions require a higher material should be chosen with low speed; using unloading car with speed generally not more than 2.5m / s, when the conveying finely divided materials or small pieces of material, the allowed speed of 3.15m / s; when used in feed or transport a large quantity of dust materials with desirable speed 0.8 ~ 1m / s, may decide based on material properties and process requirements.

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