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Application of vibrating screen in Coal Preparation Plant Pa

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There are eight kinds of commonly used screening machinery in the coal preparation plant. Today we mainly explain the application of vibrating screen in coal preparation plant.

Screening and screening machine
With hole sieve surface of the mixed material of different granularities into various levels of granularity of the operation is called screening sieve. A machine or device used for screening is called screening machine, or a sieve.

Application of Vibrating Screen in Coal Preparation Plant

screening product representation method
This part is screen screen surface, has a certain shape and size on the screen. Usually on a screen can get two kinds of products, to stay on the screen of the material known as the sieve, through the sieve material known as the sieve. In order to screen in several different mesh size on the screen, the product can be obtained with different levels of granularity. The number of products obtained by screening is always greater than that of the sieve surface.
Screening products can use the corresponding sieve sieve size to express. As for a sieve, sieve size is D, then the objects on the screen with +d, siftage -d; such as screen two, large screen size is D1, a small mesh size is D2, the three products are: +d1, -d1+d2, -d2 (intermediate products are also available d1~d2 or d2~d1), for the three, four and more of a product according to the method on the screen surface.

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