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The principle of bucket elevator unloading

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The principle of bucket elevator unloading
Bucket elevator material unloading from the hopper in three ways: centrifugal, gravity and hybrid. The type of discharge depends on the rotational speed of the drive roller (sprocket), the radius, and the size of the hopper. In order to understand the relationship between them, first of the material in the hopper force analysis.
The loading and unloading of the bucket elevator has great influence on its working condition and productivity. The loading and unloading requirements are: the loading is uniform, the discharging quantity meets the need of productivity; the hopper is wound on the driving roller (sprocket). When the material can correctly enter the discharge trough, and not anti-sprinkle back to the load-bearing branches or fall into the unloaded branch; material dumping process, the vast majority of the impact of the head shell; star unloader with deep bucket or In shallow bucket, the material unloading process does not bump into the front hopper. These requirements should be noted in the commissioning and acceptance of the hoist.

When the hopper in the straight section to do constant motion, the material only by the role of gravity mg, and hopper around the drive drum, the hopper around the center of rotation (drive drum axis) movement, the material is subject to gravity and centrifugal force mw2r. Gravity and centrifugal force of the role of the line and the roller center of the vertical line of rain, called the pole p. The distance from the pole p to the center of rotation is called the pole pitch h. The distance h is only related to the rotational speed of the driving drum, but not to the position of the material and the material. When the drive drum speed is constant, h is fixed, the location of the pole p is fixed. If the speed n increases, the pole distance h will decrease, the centrifugal force and gravity ratio increases; the contrary, the polar distance h increases, the centrifugal force and gravity ratio becomes smaller. Discharge method can be judged according to the size of the pole pitch h.

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