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Glass beads production line equipment overview

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glass beads production line
Glass beads production, the selection of high quality raw glass, crushed by high temperature firing, forging into the specifications of the uniform glass beads.

1, the production of glass beads should first choose a good raw material of this off, only good raw materials to produce high quality glass beads, to choose clean and no impurities, strength and toughness of the glass.

2, good glass raw materials is good after the glass is broken into glass yarn, crushed glass yarn in accordance with the size of the production of glass beads to the size of the crushed into a moderate size of the glass yarn, only the appropriate size than the glass yarn in the firing Of the time, save manpower and material resources, to create better value.

3, the following is the glass sand fired, will crush the glass sand, the use of glass beads molding furnace for firing, professional glass beads production equipment can make our firing more successful, firing at the same time Also check the quality hardness.

4, will be burned out of the glass beads through the cooling system cooling by the dragon again cooling production of semi-finished products.

5, will be fired glass beads semi-finished products, through the shaker for screening. Get more high-quality glass beads products.

6, the screening of the glass beads, according to the size of the size of the package.
   High standards of glass beads production equipment can be better supervision to produce the quality of glass beads.

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