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Method of production of glass beads

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Method of production of glass beads

Glass bead production line production using flame floating method, mainly applied to two systems, one is the heating melting system, one is the cooling system.

Recycled broken glass pieces into a certain size of glass bead, using a certain way to put the crushed glass bead into furnace, through high temperature, softening and melting, bead, cooling solidification into glass beads. There are several considerations in this production process.

1, the selection of scrap glass is to choose a clean glass that has no impurities, strength and tenacity. This can produce high-quality glass bead product.

2, to recycle the waste glass according to the size of the production of glass beads size to smash into the right size glass yarn, only in this way can the fire, save manpower material resources, create a better value.

It takes a lot of experience and patience for our workers to keep the temperature change and check the quality hardness at all times in the process of cooking.

In the cooling of glass beads, the packaging process should be careful to cool the glass microbeads to the safe temperature and then the packaging can be done.

The glass microbeads produced by the flame float are less than 800 mu m, which is of high quality and high yield. Eighty percent of glass microbeads are produced through the flame float process.

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