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Glass beads produce furnace

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glass beads produce furnace
Glass beads production line is used in the production of glass flap floating glass beads, glass beads forming furnace is a new type of glass products for the preparation of the furnace. Due to the different combustion of the cylinder is divided into 800 and 900 models of two models.

Glass micro-forming furnace mainly includes the combustion furnace, the expansion of the cooling area. The change of the shape of the glass beads mainly occurs in the furnace of the forming furnace and the equipment of the subsequent cooling system. The glass microbeans forming furnace mainly works through the continuous heating of the natural gas or the coking gas. When the temperature of the furnace reaches 800 degrees Celsius, the glass sand is heated. At the same time with the fire up the formation, re-enter the diffusion chamber cooling stereotypes, re-cooled into the vibrating screen through the drum, after the end of packaging. This product is physically deformed.

Glass beads forming furnace is the production line of the production environment, the shape of the glass is mainly changed here, is the core of the entire production line. Glass crushing is in the glass microbeam forming furnace in the furnace by high temperature softening, melting, bead, by cooling the cooling area cooling molding. Glass beads production of several major components and specifications are as follows:
glass bead produce furnace table

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