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Vertical mixer

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Vertical mixer
Horizontal vertical mixer model has several models, such as 250/350/400/500/750/1000. The series mixer is at home and abroad advanced and ideal models, with a high degree of automation, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation, fast unloading, lining plate and a vane using the advantages of, easy maintenance and long service life. Applicable to mixing plastic, dry, light aggregate and various mortar, mortar.

Mouth vertical mixer is new glass beads mixer, applicable to general highway, power station, dam engineering, construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower, and large and medium-sized precast factory engineering. With stable operation, less energy consumption, compact structure, reliable transmission, light, the advantages of high production efficiency, stir plastic, dry hard, liquidity of glass beads and lightweight aggregate and mortar.
Mouth vertical mixer mixing tube by the ring gear transmission, the work is transferred mixing, reverse discharging, combination of mixing plastic and semi dry hard glass beads, and batching machine, composed of small and medium-sized mixing station and quick discharging clean; maintenance convenient, time-saving and effort saving and beautiful shape; production efficiency. The machine has the advantages of stable running, convenient operation, good mixing quality and high productivity, and can be matched with the feeding weighing device, and can be composed of a medium mixing station.
Horizontal vertical mixer, stirring strength, simple process, low price.

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