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Glass micro bead sieve proportioning equipment

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Glass micro bead sieve proport
Glass micro bead sieve proportioning equipment
Device name  Model  Number  Remarks  Electricity
Bucket chain hoist  0.4meter*3.8meter  1set  4T / R  2.2KW
Water magnetic separator  350mm*350mm  2set  2Tons per hour  1KW
Linear vibrating screen  1meter*4meter  1set  3Tons per hour  1.5KW
Feed box    1piece  1Tons per hour  
Water quality screen frame  0.5meter*0.4meter  10set    
International stainless steel screen    10set    
Elastic ball  2*2  5000pieces    
Premixed mixer    1set  3Tons per hour  3.0KW
Power Distribution Box    1group    

The glass beads produced have different particle diameters and impurities, and the sieves can be used to sort out the glass beads that are suitable for their specifications. Remove the impurities in the production, and become round at a higher rate.
Glass beads processing equipment mainly tons of frame, permanent magnetic separator, hoist, silo, linear vibrating screen, four warehouse mixer, dragon, finished silos, automatic sewing machine, premixed mixer.

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