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Particle size measuring instrument

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Particle size measuring instrument
1, must use stainless steel sieve bang, screen, mainly to avoid sample sieve rust, caused by glass micro bead produce unwanted impurities and effect of glass bead, transparency, increase in impurities.
2, sample sieve method using common like screen types include (1180 m 16 orders, 850 micron 20 mesh, 710 microns 40 mesh, 300 micron 50 mesh, 212 micron 70, 180 micron 80 mesh, 150 microns 100 mesh, from the sample sieve micron size stacked up micron tree high above).
3, in detection screen use, using vibration mode, see sieve residue at least as good and electronic scales weighing, for each detected 100 g - 200 g the best in order according to the number of how many weighing, add, the total sum. Test results were completed.
(example: 100 grams of micro beads to detect 16 -20 eyes 15 grams, 20 eyes -40 40 grams, 40 eyes -50 15 grams, 50 eyes -80 30 grams, adding equal to 100 grams)

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