Glass bead production line equipment
Device name        Model Number Remarks Electricity
Half lifting machine 0.4metre*3.8metre 2platform 2.2KW 4.4KW
Turbine draught fan A-160 1platform 15KW 15KW
Shaped bead cooling conveyor auger 0.3metre*5metre 2platform 2.2KW 2.2KW
Four layer split eye linear vibrating screen 0.5metre*2.5metre 1platform   2.2KW
With the circulating water jacket forming chamber 0.8metre*4metre 1set    
Molding collection room (broad gallbladder) 2.8metre*9metre 1set    
Steel air duct 0.4metre*16metre 1set    
Steel heat pipe 0.4metre*16metre 1set    
Heat circulating air chamber 0.04metre*1.25metre*2.5metre 1individual    
Cooling water tank 2.5metre*2.5metre*1.25metre 1individual    
Water circulating pump   2platform One use and one prepare  
Gas water with oxygen gun 3.8/4.2/4.5 52individual A total of 3 sets  
Glass sand feeder   14set Frequency regulation  
Air inlet valve   1individual    
Barometer   2block    
Work inspection repair platform 4metre*4metre 2layer    
Cyclone dust collector   1set Automatic dust collection  
steam trap   1individual    
Storage bin   1set    
Distribution box for production equipment   1group