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Glass bead production line equipment

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Glass bead production line equ
Glass bead production line equipment
Device name        Model Number Remarks Electricity
Half lifting machine 0.4metre*3.8metre 2platform 2.2KW 4.4KW
Turbine draught fan A-160 1platform 15KW 15KW
Shaped bead cooling conveyor auger 0.3metre*5metre 2platform 2.2KW 2.2KW
Four layer split eye linear vibrating screen 0.5metre*2.5metre 1platform   2.2KW
With the circulating water jacket forming chamber 0.8metre*4metre 1set    
Molding collection room (broad gallbladder) 2.8metre*9metre 1set    
Steel air duct 0.4metre*16metre 1set    
Steel heat pipe 0.4metre*16metre 1set    
Heat circulating air chamber 0.04metre*1.25metre*2.5metre 1individual    
Cooling water tank 2.5metre*2.5metre*1.25metre 1individual    
Water circulating pump   2platform One use and one prepare  
Gas water with oxygen gun 3.8/4.2/4.5 52individual A total of 3 sets  
Glass sand feeder   14set Frequency regulation  
Air inlet valve   1individual    
Barometer   2block    
Work inspection repair platform 4metre*4metre 2layer    
Cyclone dust collector   1set Automatic dust collection  
steam trap   1individual    
Storage bin   1set    
Distribution box for production equipment   1group  

Production Technology
Outside the purchase of glass sand → firing (using a special burning furnace and coal gas or emptying of natural gas to heat over the sand, the shape of the sand into a small spherical shape) → cooling sieve → weighing, Bale.
The main part of the whole process is the firing process. The first coking gas or natural gas ignited in the furnace, the furnace temperature up to 800 degrees into the glass sand; sand heat at the same time with the fire up the formation, re-enter the diffusion chamber cooling stereotypes, re-cooled into the vibrating screen sifted, After the end of the packaging. This product is physically deformed. The only raw material for the firing of the equipment is the reuse of waste glass, and the heating fuel required for the processing process is the coal gas generated by the coking plant coking or the natural gas collected and reused. Therefore, it is waste utilization, energy saving and environmental protection projects, in full compliance with national industrial policy.

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