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Glass bead burning furnace

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Glass bead burning furnace
Glass bead burning furnace
Device name        Model Number Remarks Electricity
With the circulating water jacket forming chamber  
0.8metre*4metre 1set    
Molding collection room (broad gallbladder) 2.8metre*9metre 1set    
Steel air duct 0.4metre*16metre 1set    
Steel heat pipe 0.4metre*16metre 1set    
Heat circulating air chamber 0.04metre*1.25metre*2.5metre 1individual    
Cooling water tank 2.5metre*2.5metre*1.25metre 1individual    
Water circulating pump   2platform One use and one prepare  
Gas water with oxygen gun 3.8/4.2/4.5 52individual A total of 3 sets  
Glass sand feeder   14set Frequency regulation  
Air inlet valve   1individual    
Barometer   2block    
Work inspection repair platform 4metre*4metre 2layer    
Cyclone dust collector   1set Automatic dust collection  
steam trap   1individual    
Storage bin   1set    
Distribution box for production equipment   1group  
Sketch of the main equipment (specific dimensions to delivery in kind prevail)

Glass micro bead forming furnace
About the environment
1, water: the production process of water for the cycle of water, the role of cooling to protect the furnace gallbladder to prevent high temperature deformation and cooling the product cooling. All the water without the need for efflux, only the sink cycle pool facilities. In addition, the production process used in the circulating water does not add any material, no toxic and harmful substances, water quality without any change in nature, but the cold water boiling water in the cooling cycle of the process, so there is no water pollution problems.

2, the dust: the raw materials for this product for the purchase of glass sand, according to national standards and quality requirements of its particle size of 600-180 microns, the smallest particles for the 125 microns. So from the material to the products are micro-particles, no dust state. In addition the glass itself is much larger than the density, will not produce dust, so the production process will not appear dust pollution problems.

3, the production process of the main fuel coking gas (natural gas) without any added material, it will not produce toxic dust pollution.

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