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  • Glass sand particles production line equipment

    Glass sand particles production line equipment 2017-08-29

    Glass sand production line equipment Device name Model Number Electricity weight volume Glass storage tank 2*2 1set 0.7ton 2m*2m*2.5m Electricfrequency feeder 2size 1set 0.15Kw 0.1ton 0.4m*1m Axial flo...
  • Shaft screw conveyor

    Shaft screw conveyor 2016-09-21

    Brief introduction of WLS type non axis screw conveyor: WLS type without shaft screw conveyor is the technical department of our factory on the basis of the design and production of various types of sc...
  • Hopper

    Hopper 2016-08-24

    Binproduct overview; Prepare silo is production line began to end and the material in the transition section of the junction the bin outlet is equipped with a vibrating motor in order to get rid of the...
  • TH type bucket elevator

    TH type bucket elevator 2016-08-16

    Product overview of TH type bucket elevator: TH type bucket type lifting machine is suitable for conveying powdery granular and small block without milling and milling of small material. TH is a ring t...
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