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Hammer crusher

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Hammer crusher
Brief introduction of hammer crusher:
Hammer crusher is one of the main equipment in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and utilities, such as industrial sectors, the chronology of limestone, coal or other medium degree of hardness materials, such as brittle materials, with big crushing ratio, high production capacity, product size uniform characteristics.
Our company has more than thirty years of design and manufacture of hammer crusher history, advanced product structure, reliable performance, stable work, low energy consumption. My company produces various types of hammer crusher has formed a series of domestic and foreign users are welcome.

Hammer crusher working principle:
Hammer crusher is mainly by the impact of the impact of the broken material. Crushing process is roughly such, material enters the crusher, subjected to the impact of high-speed rotary hammer and broken, broken material, discharged from the gap, individual larger material, in the sun bar again by the impact of the hammer, grinding, extrusion and broken material is the hammer head is extruded from the gap to obtain the required size of products.
Hammer type crusher is divided into reversible and irreversible type two kinds, reversible hammer type crushing machine rotor reversible, generally used for crushing; non reversible hammer type crushing machine rotor is not reversible, are generally used for the broken.

Hammer type crusher main structure:
Hammer type crusher is mainly composed of frame, rotor, sieve, striking plate and adjusting device.

Table of main technical parameters of hammer crusher:

Model Feed grain size(mm) Discharging granularity
Rotor speed
Motor weight(t)
          Model power  
PCH0402 ≤200 ≤10-30 8-12 960 Y132M2-6 5.5 0.8
PCH0404 ≤200 ≤10-30 16-25 970 Y160L-6 11 1.05
PCH0604 ≤200 ≤10-30 22-33 970 Y180L-6 15 1.43
PCH0606 ≤200 ≤10-30 30-60 980 Y225M-6 30 1.77
PCH0808 ≤250 ≤10-30 70-105 740 Y280M-8 45 3.6
PCH1010 ≤300 ≤10-30 160-200 740 Y315M2-8 90 6.1
PCH1016 ≤300 ≤10-30 300-350 740 JS-128-8 155 9.2
PCH1216 ≤350 ≤10-30 620-800 740 Y450-8 355 15.0
PCH1616 ≤400 ≤10-30 700-900 740 YKK5001-8 400 19.3

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