Glass sand particles production line equipment
Device name Model Number Electricity weight volume
Glass storage tank 2*2 1set   0.7ton 2m*2m*2.5m
2size 1set 0.15Kw 0.1ton 0.4m*1m
Axial flow fan 500size 1set 2.2KW 0.05ton 0.5m*0.6m
Double deck vibrating screen 400size 1set 1.5KW 0.2ton 0.4m*1.5m
Low speed picking up platform 600size 1set 1.5KW 0.4ton 600mm*2000mm
feeding conveyer 500size 1set 2.2KW 0.5ton 500mm*6000mm
Main breaker 8hammer 1set 18KW 0.8ton 500mm*800mm*200mm
Large scale elevator 380 1set 2.2KW 0.5ton 400mm*3700mm
divided hopper   2pieces   0.2ton  
Vibrating screen
1*3.5*6 2set 3KW 1.2ton 1000mm*1200mm*4000mm
Back to the feed conveyor 500size 1set 2.2KW 0.6ton 600mm*7000mm
Multi-tube dust cleaner 64size 1set 4.5KW 0.8ton 3500mm*2200mm*2000mm
The meterial hoist   6set 4.5KW 0.8ton 2200mm*200mm
Ton package   6pieces   0.3ton 2200mm*600mm