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Glass sand particles production line equipment

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Glass particles production lin
Glass sand particles production line equipment
Device name Model Number Electricity weight volume
Glass storage tank 2*2 1set   0.7ton 2m*2m*2.5m
2size 1set 0.15Kw 0.1ton 0.4m*1m
Axial flow fan 500size 1set 2.2KW 0.05ton 0.5m*0.6m
Double deck vibrating screen 400size 1set 1.5KW 0.2ton 0.4m*1.5m
Low speed picking up platform 600size 1set 1.5KW 0.4ton 600mm*2000mm
feeding conveyer 500size 1set 2.2KW 0.5ton 500mm*6000mm
Main breaker 8hammer 1set 18KW 0.8ton 500mm*800mm*200mm
Large scale elevator 380 1set 2.2KW 0.5ton 400mm*3700mm
divided hopper   2pieces   0.2ton  
Vibrating screen
1*3.5*6 2set 3KW 1.2ton 1000mm*1200mm*4000mm
Back to the feed conveyor 500size 1set 2.2KW 0.6ton 600mm*7000mm
Multi-tube dust cleaner 64size 1set 4.5KW 0.8ton 3500mm*2200mm*2000mm
The meterial hoist   6set 4.5KW 0.8ton 2200mm*200mm
Ton package   6pieces   0.3ton 2200mm*600mm

Waste glass, bottles and other recycled glass transported by the conveyor to the crusher, crusher to the glass crushed into different sizes, irregular shape of the glass particles. Glass sand (granule) production equipment mainly glass storage box, electric frequency feeder, axial fan, double vibration sieve, low speed picking platform, feeding conveyor, the main crusher, large hoist, sub-hopper , Vibrating screen, back to the conveyor, multi-tube dust collector, the material hoist, tons of bags.

Basic parameters
Equipment power 21.3kw
Maximum production capacity of 50 (t · 24h)
Maximum feed size: broken glass particle size ≤ 200mm × 200mm × 15mm
(A hammer) normal can be broken 40 tons of glass

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