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Vibration shaker type vibrating screen

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Vibration shaker vibrating scr
Product overview of KS series shaker type vibrating screen:
This series of mining vibrating screen is a new and efficient screening equipment developed by our company, mainly used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, electric power, chemical and other industries, especially in the metallurgical industry, the most widely used, is the blast furnace, coking plant, processing plant and other commonly used screening machine.
Model description of KS series shaker type vibrating screen:
S- screen exciter code
J- exciter
Z- installation method on behalf of the seat type
Z (Y) - lubrication mode
口口- Exciting force KN
口- The motor pole floor

Technical parameters of KS series shaker type vibrating screen:
model           Screening capacity Voltage(V) power(Kw) amplitude
Effective screen surface () Double amplitude
granularity(mm)     T/h
1.5 x2 960 2  
KS-10x30 15-250 2.2x2 960 3
KS-15x30 20-350 3.7x2 960 4.5
KS-15x40 25-400 3.7x2 960 6
KS-15x50 30-500 5.5x2 960 7.5
KS-20x50 50-500 5.5x2 960 10
KS-20x60 60-600 7.5x2 720 12
KS-20x70 65-600 7.5x2 720 14
KS-20x80 65-600 7.5x2 720 16

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