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Cold ore vibrating screen

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Cold ore vibrating screen
Product overview of LZS series linear cold ore vibrating screen:
LZS series cold vibrating screen is mainly used in the metallurgical industry, the temperature in 150 degrees Celsius cold sinter classification operation. The series of cold screen according to the site condition, the motor can be installed on the left or right; according to different installation position of the motor and the vibrator, our company according to the requirement of the user can design and manufacture various specifications of cold sinter vibrating screen.

Working principle and structural characteristics of LZS series linear cold ore vibrating screen:
LZS series linear cold vibrating screen are installed in the seat type. By adopting the double axle vibration exciter, the motor does not participate in the vibration, and the outer support of the two motor is rotated in reverse direction, so that the screen body can move in a straight direction as a periodic reciprocating motion, thereby reaching the purpose of screening.
LZS series of cold beam vibration sieve and sieve box side plate is made of boiler plate manufacturing and using the ring groove rivet, sturdy and durable.
This series of plate vibration screen for cold sinter with wear-resistant alloy or stainless steel plate, not deformation, long service life, high efficiency characteristic score, has the advantages of convenient installation, simple disassembly of the sieve plate.
Table of technical parameters of LZS series linear cold ore vibrating screen:
Model Sieve area () Feed particle size(mm) Treatment quantity
Double amplitude
Motor model Voltage(V) power (Kw)
LZS1860 10.8 200 100-250  
LZS2060 12 200 200-300 Y200L-8 2x15
LZS2575 18.75 200 250-400 Y225S-8 2x18.5
LZS3070 21 300 350-500 Y225M-8 2x22
LZS3175 23.25 300 450-600 Y225M-8 2x22
LZS3090 27 300 550-700 Y280S-8 2x37

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