Brief introduction of plane rotary urea screening machine:
PZS type rotary screen is my company engaged in many years of production and screening machinery based on the introduction of foreign technology development and a new type of screening equipment. The machine has the advantages of reasonable design, simple operation and balanced structure, fully closed structure, clean dyeing, anti clogging, anti sticking and so on. Especially for strong moisture absorption, large viscosity, easy to plug holes and sticky network of urea screening operation is more obvious. As a result of adopting the principle of plane rotation motion, the dynamic and static ratio and dynamic load of the equipment are reduced.

Application of plane rotary urea screening machine:
PZS type plane rotary urea screen is mainly aimed at the development of a new type of screening equipment for the development of large urea. Can be widely used in chemical, fertilizer, urea, food processing, refractory materials, building materials and other industries of screening operations.
The advanced nature of the planar rotary urea screening machine:
A. no vertical vibration, long screen life (6-12 months)
B. each screen is provided with screen blocking cleaning device. The screen is not blocked in the hole, operation cycle, screen under the working state of non-stop screen cleaning.
C. because of the use of the principle of plane rotation, obviously improved the distribution of the material, thereby improving the effective utilization of the screen surface, and ultimately improve the screening efficiency, reduce the powder content of finished products.
D. full closed structure no dust pollution, improve the working environment of the operator.
E. to carry the load to reduce 3-5 times.
Technical parameters of planar rotary urea screening machine:
Vibration exciter model Type
Installation dimensions
PZS-50-6 50 120 340 400 356 / 210 380
PZS-75-6 75 120 340 500 356 / 248 400
PZS-100-6 100 120 340 400 410 / 210 380
PZS-130-5 130 / 240 320 460 160 320 400
PZS-160-6 150 / 240 320 460 160 320 400
Vibration exciter model Type
Installation dimensions
L M d H H1 H2 Model Power(KW)
PZS-50-6 50 590 490 49 304 235 40 Y132S-6 3x2
PZS-75-6 75 590 490 49 304 275 40 Y132M1-6 4x2
PZS-100-6 100 550 510 54 404 280 40 Y132M2-6 5.5x2
PZS-130-6 130 590 510 50 456 280 40 Y160L-6 7.5x2
PZS-160-6 160 590 510 50 456 290 45 Y160L-6 7.5x2