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Vibration platform

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Vibration platform
Vibration platform application:
ZDP series vibration platform is widely used in metallurgy, mold, video, chemical industry, building materials and other industries.
Vibration platform in the production process for the particles, powder materials from the loose to block, the shape of the form of change.
Vibration platform in the use of the process, you can adjust the vibration motor excitation force size, to achieve the ideal form of material on the platform.
Vibration motor as vibration source, low noise, small power consumption, simple maintenance.
ZDP series vibrating platform is simple in structure, reliable in operation, light in weight, small in size and easy to install.
High power, large mesa: maximum power 7.5KW, exciting force 80KN, can carry the weight of sand box 8T.
Mesa height adjustable, suitable for use on the assembly line.
Three weft vibration, suitable for complex cavity castings.

Table of technical parameters of ZDP series vibration platform
Model area(m2 Power(Kw Amplitude(mm Weight(Kg
ZDP-500x500 0.25 2x0.25 2-5 300
ZDP-1000x1000 1 2x0.4 2-5 600
ZDP-1200x1200 1.44 2x3 2-5 1600
ZDP-1500x1500 2.25 2x3 2-5 2600
ZDP-3000x3000 9 6x1.5 2-5 3200
Model A B H
ZDP-`1000 1000 900 650
ZDP-1500 1500 1400 700
ZDP-2000 2000 1880 800
ZDP=3000 3000 2880 900

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