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Three dimensional vibrating screen

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Three dimensional vibrating screen:
Three dimensional vibrating screen filter is the latest and most advanced screening equipment, set a flat screen, swing sieve, rolling screen function as a whole. Screening of powder and granular materials and liquid filtration in all walks of life.
Rotary vibration sieve is a kind of high precision fine particle screening equipment, it is our company through the absorption of domestic and foreign advanced technology, based on continuous improvement, and ultimately developed a model with international advanced level. This machine is made by vibrating motor up and down to make it do three dimensional movement, force the material into a spiral jump forward, and ultimately discharged from the discharge port. Spin vibrating screen for any particles, powder, mucus within a certain range can be screened. Screening the smallest to 500 mesh or 0.028 filter can be minimized to 5 microns. Can be equipped with one to five layers of screen, at the same time to two to six grades of material sorting or filtering.
Characteristics of standard three dimensional vibrating screen:
1 this machine uses the specially made high performance vertical vibration motor, provides you with the surging power, supports the long time uninterrupted work.
2 the body and material contact part of all the use of a stainless steel plate, sanitary, aseptic corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance.
3 vibrating screen with a unique V type to enhance the type of lock ring and professional network, more secure, more secure.
4. The screen is using the industry of the tip of the tension and the network technology, greatly improves the effective area of the screen, has high precision screening, so that production has been further improved.
5 easy to clean, mesh without congestion, but also can be reused, change the network faster, more convenient, just 3-5 minutes.
6 widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, plastics, abrasives, ceramics, paper, nano materials and other industries classification, impurity, mixing, screening and filtration, solid-liquid separation, etc..

Three dimensional vibrating screen technical parameters:

Model parameters Nominal diameter
Effective diameter
Effective screen surface
( m²)
Screen specifications
Material specification
Vibration times
layer power
XZS-400 400 350 0.09  
XZS-500 500 450 0.15         1.10
XZS-600 600 550 0.23      
XZS-800 800 740 0.43         1.10
XZS-1000 1000 940 0.66    
XZS-1200 1200 1140 1.00        
XZS-1400 1400 1320 1.35         2.20
XZS-1500 1500 1420 1.58         2.20
XZS-1600 1600 1520 1.82    
XZS-1800 1800 1720 2.32         4.00
XZS-2000 2000 1920 2.90         5.50

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